Tulsi Hydrosol

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Tulsi purifies the skin, nourishes the spirit and balances the chakras.  It is a sacred plant of India favored by lord Krishna who used it to produce detachment, faith and devotion. It is said to open up the heart to bring harmony to the mind. Tulsi’s unique combination of antiseptic and antibacterial properties make it a gentle anti-inflammatory for irritated skin. As an adaptogen, it helps combat free radical damage that we encounter from environmental pollutants. 


. Spray it all over the body before bedtime, on the cheeks when hot flashes get out of hand, or in the mouth to enjoy it’s relaxing energy..

Hydrosols are cellular plant waters from living plants that taste, smell and offer therapeutic properties. These plant waters are infused with nutritious minerals and fatty acids, which make the waters dynamic and vibrant. The word Hydrosol is a chemistry term meaning “water solution.” It is derived from the latin word Hydro, meaning water, and So, for “solution.” In the world of aromatherapy, hydrosols are also know as hydrates, floral waters, and plant waters. Hydrosols do not come just from flowers though. They also can be made from roots, branches, bark, wood, needles and leaves, even fruits and seeds.