Genet Multi Bene Stick/ Lips + Cheeks

Noto Botanics

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Genet cheek and lip stain is a modern nod to the 90’s grunge red lip with undertones of black, raisin, and red. The name comes from queer poet and activist, Jean Genet. The color is inspired by spilled red wine, and shades often worn by retro supermodels.


Twist up the lip and cheek tint stick and apply wherever you’d like a wash of deep berry hue. Layer on for full opacity or tap excess off with a tissue for a subtle stained look. Amazing on cheeks for a sexy flush. Use with a brush to buff out or layer on.


Apply this organic lip and cheek tint to add a natural flush to your cheeks, lips, nose, or anywhere you’d like a pop of color.


Use the cheek and lip stain on its own, or add on top of lip liner for a strong look. Apply and blot off excess for a subtle stain on the lip or cheek.