First Light Invigorating Body Polish

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rosehip seed + calendula flower + green coffee bean

Ingredients: A powerful + enriching blend of sustainably harvested California sea salt, natural exfoliants and organic plant extracts. 

work natural miracles.

Dry, dull skin is buffed away with Vitamin C-rich rosehip seed, biodegradable jojoba beads, and mineral-rich Pacific sea salt. A unique oil-to-milk formulation delivers much-needed moisture for silky, revitalized skin. Organic ginger root, rosemary, + lemongrass extracts encourage blood flow, awaken the senses and boost mood. Calendula flower extract and invigorating green coffee bean oil simultaneously target stagnant lymph with each stroke. 

the ritual.

Scoop a generous amount of First Light Invigorating Body Polish into your hands while standing in the tub or shower. On damp skin, gently buff in circular motions towards your heart. Take your time, breathe deeply, rinse clean + feel renewed.