Big Kids Gift Set


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An unboring, useful gift for toddlers and kids that doesn’t feature a single superhero or unicorn. What it DOES feature is all four magnificent Gro-To products, which means their skin will be soft and clean and their room will be calm and monster-free at night, but look, they don’t give a turtle’s toot about that, they just want something in the bathroom that is fun and most crucially, THEIRS, ALL THEIRS.  

Includes Sud Bud, a gentle plant-based bubble bath/body wash, Super Softy, a nourishing and calming body lotion, Skin Wizard, a silky, soothing, magical body oil, and Bad Dream Buster, a calming room spray, as well as a sheet of sassy stickers and a classic ‘80s lunchbox to stick them on, plus store toys, pencils, interesting bugs or even lunch.